Hi there! I’m Jackie. In my real life I am a 24/7 mommy to two little ladies, a working woman banking 40+ hours a week at the office, a wife to a pretty cool dude and the owner of two furry dogs, a 50 gallon fish tank and most recently the mouse living in our house…somewhere.

In my imaginary life, I am a clean eating chef, master yoga instructor with amazing arms, stay at home mom, business owner who spends her summers living at the beach house that has a massive yet secured lot so my kids can play outside without us fearing the bad guys will steal them, and my dogs can run around for miles and keep their shedding hair out of my house.

Our house is crazy, but we like crazy. My dogs drive me INSANE. I’m convinced if we didn’t have them that I would be totally okay and able to keep it together. BUT crazy is fun and crazy keeps our life interesting. This blog was created as my place to vent because I suck at writing in journals and to be honest, my hand starts to hurt after the first few sentences.

Awesome is my favorite adjective and you can find use for it everywhere. Awesome! Awesome (sarcastic). Awe – for babies and weddings and puppies that don’t shed their fur just yet. And so you have this blog, where I will attempt to find the awesome in everything.



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