Today was the day. Today was the day I became THAT mom. That mom you swear you will never be. The mom you watch on TV and gawk at because “How could she?” Today, she became me.

My Outlook Calendar at work has become my bible since having kids. Everything goes on there because thanks to modern technology, I also get a reminder on my phone while I’m at home. Amazingly it helps to keep me half sane.


The problem with this is that sometimes I forget to type myself a reminder. Like today when I had to help my awesome sister in law out and pick up our daughters from preschool. She is awesome enough to watch my children during the day while my husband and I bring home the bacon. Our daughters are the same age and attend the same preschool and are the best of friends! Today was my turn to pick up the kids. She drops them off and I pick them up, one day a week. We have been off of our schedule for other reasons, but today I had to step in and help. Okay, no problem! I can totally do that – I thought to myself -yesterday morning. I don’t have any meetings planned, no problem at all.

School is over at 11:30. It was 11:40 when I reached for my phone to ask my SIL for a school report, and then it hit me. “FFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keys! Phone! Purse, no, I don’t have time to reach for it!” Out the door…zoom!

                Me: Tracy, I forgot to pick up the girls!

                Tracy: WHAT?!!!!!!?!?!!! No! Oh No! I can’t get them today! I don’t have enough cars seats!

                Me: I know! I’m on my way now.

                Tracy: The school is beeping in!

                Me: Okay! Tell them I’ll be there soon!

It took me 12 minutes to get there, thanks to Mighty Mouse, as we like to refer to my 2007 Civic because that thing has been through 4 accidents (only one was my fault!) and is still awesome.

The teachers laughed when I got there and I wanted to cry because not only did I forget to pick up our little sweethearts, I also forgot to bring my daughters book bag with us this morning. There was my Lucy holding her plastic shopping bag that contained a few letters for mom, the letter E, and a sparkly pumpkin-lantern (jack-o-lantern) as she called it. To her, she knew no different to not have a book bag or that her mom was 25 minutes late picking her up. They were happy to see a familiar face and wanted to go home. Like to the point they were dragging me out the door.

When I returned to work, I told everyone I could about what had happened and everyone had the same reaction, “WHAT?! No you DIDN’T!” plus big eyes and a gaping mouth. And to them my response is: YES, I did forget. I did get so caught up in my day that I forgot to write myself a reminder so I wouldn’t forget. Like most moms and working moms and moms that are at home working on raising their family – I can’t remember everything! And I’ll own it. And find a way to blame it on my husband 🙂

I still feel guilty, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m still an awesome mom – I mean I wasn’t an hour late.