“My knee hurts because I ate too many noodles.”

Dinner time in our house is always an awesome time. Often times we are making two separate meals to please the picky kids that are hanging from our legs as their plates are being made. Last night was no exception. We had this recipe for Thai Butternut Squash Soup (amazeballs!!) and sandwiches, the kids had spaghetti. They love spaghetti! If it wasn’t so damn messy, we would make it more often for them.

Spaghetti night is only allowed in our house on bath night because I just can’t handle the mess. The littlest monster enjoys playing with her hair, while she eats. You thought hair gel could hold a style? Pssh! Try some spaghetti sauce next time instead.

As I was making the adult dinner, the kids sat down for theirs. For some reason the eldest monster refuses to ever eat her dinner. It’s a constant battle.

Whichever parent feels like going to war that night: “Take a bite right now or you are going to bed”

Parent taking staying strong: “Take another bite right now or you are sitting here all night”

Parent growing frustrated: “TAKE A BITE!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! Why is this always a fight?! You LOVE spaghetti!”

Parent who doesn’t care anymore: “Well at least the dogs will enjoy it.”

Thirty minutes is the amount of time it took her to finish her plate. But it was SO painful! I ended up feeding her, just like old times, awe!! And then the last bite came and I made it a good one and cheered and shouted for her that she was finally DONE!! Yay!

Me: “Good job! You can go play now”

Her: Mouth full of noodles, tears growing in her eyes

Me: “What is wrong? You are done! No more bites!”

Her: “Wahhhhhhh!!” Noodles falling out of her mouth.

Her: “My knee hurts!”

Me: “What?! Why? You haven’t moved in 30 minutes?”

Her: “My knee hurts because I hate too many noodles!”

Of course it does.